Scott Crevier's Family History
Scott Crevier's Family History


Welcome, thanks for visiting my family history web site.

While I have deep roots in Norway and Belgium, for now, I am most interested in tracing my Crevier name, which takes me to France (through Canada). I am especially interested in this name, not only for the obvious reason that my father is a Crevier, but also because my mother also has many roots in the Crevier family. There are many factions of Creviers in America today, and I have successfully traced several of these back to their roots through Quebec and into France in the 1400s.

When I first launched this site in 1998, I was pretty heavy not only into my genealogy research, but in writing technical tools to help me publish my data here on the web. While I no longer maintain those tools, I'm still quite interested in my family history. So, instead of just shutting down this web site completely, I've decided to keep these links to resources that I've found helpful in my research. I hope you also find them helpful.

Historical and Genealogical Information on our Belgian Ancestors
by Joseph J. Pierre and Mary A. Pierre (1976)

For my fellow Belgians, you should checkout this book written by one of my relatives. After reading it, and realizing that these settlers are my direct ancestors, I finally had a real appreciation for their sacrifices. If you think you've got problems, imagine a time when there were no fire departments or snow plows. Many of my ancestors walked over 100 miles to register their land claims. I could go on and on. Fortunately, the author was kind enough to allow me to transcribe his book into electronic format, and make it available here on the web. So, now you and the rest of the world can gain your own appreciation for how we got here.

Our French Canadian Forefathers
by Lucille Fournier Rock (1981)

As the title indicates, this book explores the lives of many of our ancestors who came from France through Canada. I spoke with the author in May, 1999, and she was kind enough to grant permission for me to publish this excerpt here on my web site.

The book consists of nine chapters, each featuring the lives of a particular family in Canada. The sixth chapter, "The Crevier Family", chronicles the experiences of the descendants of Christophe Crevier (the first Crevier to emigrate to Quebec). The author not only provides a look into our forefathers' lives, but she also gives a very nice look into the seigneurial system in Quebec.

Geographic areas covered include Boucherville, Pierreville, Saint Cande le Vieil, Saint Christophe, Sainte Croix Saint Ouen Sorel, Trois Rivieres, and of course Saint Francois, where five generations of Creviers nobly held the title of Seigneur.

Key Creviers covered include Christophe Crevier (1611-1662), his son Jean Crevier (1642-1693), his son Joseph Crevier (1667-1717), his son Joseph Crevier (1698-1734), and his son Joseph Antonie Crevier (1762-1841).

This is a must-read for anyone researching the Crevier name.

Minnesota Pioneers, Mathilda Baudreau/Graveline & Adolph Crevier Of Winsted, Minnesota
by Connie Bachman (1991)

This is an article from the Spring 1991 edition of "The Decendants", the official publication of the Urbain Baudreau Graveline Genealogical Association, Inc. In it, Connie Bachman writes about her 2nd great grandfather, Adolph Crevier and his family. This is a great story about how the Creviers took roots in Minnesota, how they donated land for a Catholic church, and how their friendship with the Indians helped them live through the Sioux Indian war of 1862.

Scott Crevier's Family History